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A Comparison Between a Typical Garden and a Raised Vegetable Garden

Typical gardening has been around since the early ages and is still being widely used all over the world. This gardening method simply utilizes whatever soil available on ground and involves a lot of work. Personally, just by looking at the disadvantages of typical gardening, I would say that raised vegetable gardening method is the best technique to use in planting vegetables for several reasons.

Compared to typical gardening, raised garden beds provide us with the luxury of being able to use the best garden soil available. It gives us the opportunity to explore different kinds of soil mixture that promises good results.

Raised vegetable gardening, because the soil is raised above the ground, doesn’t require toiling since soil compaction is already greatly reduced unlike the typical gardening method where in the ground needs to be toiled before each planting season. Raised gardening reduces time and effort wasted on toiling and tending the soil before planting.

Gardening requires a lot of attention since it’s out in the open. It is more prone to pests compared to raise vegetable garden beds where in we may be able to modify the settings and easily install net coverings for plant protection. Another disadvantage that I can see with the typical gardening method is that plants are prone more to drowning during heavy rains.

Raised vegetable gardening allows us to plant early every season because unlike the typical gardening method raised beds can warm faster after winter and because of its quick draining features, raised beds also allow early planting after a wet season. Also, raised vegetable gardening is more methodical than the typical one which allows us to maximize on the planting area. Because plants are arranged and grouped together in the raised vegetable garden method it provides us with the convenience of being able to tend to the plants easier than the typical gardening method.

Lastly, I would say that one benefit that we get from raised gardening is that, when properly designed and constructed, it’s more pleasing to the eyes since it acts like a landscape in your property not just like a typical garden.

If we are to compare both planting methods, we can come up with a long list but no matter how long that list is I am positive that the more we compare the two planting techniques the more we would find out that the raised vegetable garden bed method is the most efficient planting technique of the decade.